Unit II Classroom Applications of Fieldwork Basics
Lessons 1,2,3,4,5


Interview Folder -- For the Teacher

Listed below are the forms needed for conducting interviews and recording the information captured. Instructions for assembling Field Kit -- For Teachers and Archive Folders needed in this unit are also available.


  • Prepare a pocket folder for each student in the class. Some lessons require additional folders for each team working on an activity. Label them "Interview Folder -- For the Teacher for _________" and add students' names.
  • Insert a Journal. Use a steno pad, or notebook sheets with lines drawn down the middle, or sheets of paper with line down middle, and stapled together. Students use left side for notetaking and right side for reflections.
  • Insert copies of each form below. Note that some forms are needed in several lessons, so make multiple copies as indicated if you are doing all the lessons. It would be helpful to copy Forms 4 - 10 on a different color of paper so they can be easily identified and found.

  1. Interview Folder -- List of Contents

  2. Interview Checklist - 4 copies

  3. Conducting an Interview

  4. Folklife Interview Form - 2 copies

  5. Oral Release Form - 3 copies

  6. Written Release Form - 3 copies

  7. Audio Log - 3 copies

  8. Photo Log - 3 copies

  9. Transcribing an Interview Worksheet - 2 copies

  10. Notetaking Worksheet OR Taking Notes / Making Conclusions Worksheet OR Performance / Video Notetaking Worksheet, OR Careers in Music Notetaking

  11. Individual Roles in the Field Worksheets Lead Interviewer & Notetaker, Audio Operator & Logger, Photographer, Illustrator, Videographer

  12. Writing About an Interview Worksheet

  13. Insider / Outsider Worksheet - 5 copies

  14. Questions


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