Unit II Classroom Applications of Fieldwork Basics
Lesson 5 Making Use of Fieldwork

Archive Folder


  • Prepare a six-pocket folder for each student in the class. Label them "Archive Folder for _________" and add students' names.

  • Some lessons require extra folders for teams.

  • Label the pockets as shown below.

  • Students will archive the materials they have accumulated during the interview in the appropriate pockets.

  1. Audio Pocket
    Audio recording, clearly labeled with name, date, and place
    Audio Log
  2. Photo Pocket
    Photo files
    Photo Log or labeled Contact Sheet
  3. Forms Pocket
    Signed permission forms
    Folklife Interview Form

  4. Interview Fieldnotes Pocket
    Insider / Outsider Worksheet
    Illustrator's drawings from fieldsite
    Lead Interviewer's notes from fieldsite
    List of questions prepared in advance
  5. Processing Fieldnotes Pocket
    Fieldnotes on three fieldwork questions
    Freewriting and journal notes
  6. Final Product Pocket

Archive List of Contents

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