Unit VII Material Culture: The Stuff of Life
Lesson 2 Teaching and Learning Through Objects

Useful or Beautiful Worksheet

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Directions: Find the following handmade objects in the Creole State Exhibit. All have a function and thus have high utility, yet their makers also took the time and perfected the skill to make the objects pleasing to the eye.

Each of us has a different aesthetic. Look at each object carefully and decide whether you would choose to buy this item because it is useful or because it is beautiful. Keeping that in mind, rank each object on your own scale of utility to beauty below, by writing the number of the object on the line above the scale next to it. Compare and discuss responses, then compile results on a class scale on the Class Consensus Worksheet, a computer, or posterboard.

1. White Oak Ax Handle

2. Snake-Lizard Walking Stick

3. Cypress Paddle

4. Metal Triangle

5. Catfish Trap

6. Hook

7. Cotton Placemats

8. Fiddle

9. Hunting Horn

10. Cypress Shingles

11. Doily

12. Embroidered Tablecloth


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