Unit VII Material Culture: The Stuff of Life
Lesson 2 Teaching and Learning Through Objects

Class Consensus Worksheet

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Directions: After each student completes the Useful or Beautiful Worksheet, compare and discuss the responses. Then try to rank the items on one scale to indicate which is the most useful, which is the most beautiful, and where the other ten fall in between. You may want to vote or compile individual rankings to arrive at the Class Consensus. Write the final results on the scale below.


1. White Oak Ax Handle

2. Snake-Lizard Walking Stick

3. Cypress Paddle

4. Metal Triangle

5. Catfish Trap

6. Hook

7. Cotton Placemats

8. Fiddle

9. Hunting Horn

10. Cypress Shingles

11. Doily

12. Embroidered Tablecloth


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