Unit VII Material Culture: The Stuff of Life

Lesson 4 Family Foodways

Recipe Interview Worksheet


Name __________________________________________ Date ________________

interviewee's Name___________________________________


1) Name of dish or food prepared. Does it have more than one name?


2) If this dish is for a special occasion, list the occasions when it might be served.


3) How old is the recipe? Where did it come from?


4) How did you learn to make this recipe?


5) Is this dish special to a region of Louisiana?


6) Has the preparation of this dish changed over time?


7) Have you ever made any changes to this recipe? If so, please describe and explain why.


8) Is this dish an important one for the family? Why?


9) What herbs, spices, and seasonings are used? Who prepares them? Are they store bought or grown locally?


10) Are there special tools or utensils used to cook the dish?


11) What is done with leftovers? Is a new dish created?


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