Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lesson 4 Moving to Music

Moving to Music Self-Discovery

Name _____________________________________________           Date ____________________

  1. What words do you use to describe your moves?

  2. What parts of the body do you use?

  3. Why do you move like this?

  4. Who participates in this movement with you?

  5. What customs and traditions do the group members share?

    For example, do they dance together on certain days of the week, month, or year?

    Is there a particular reason?

    If this movement occurs in a sacred setting, do they share similar religious beliefs?

  6. Do older and younger people do the movements differently? ___________ Why?

  7. Do women and men or girls and boys perform the movements differently? _____ Why?

  8. Who decides on the movement?

  9. What clothes or costumes are worn?

  10. What does this movement mean to you?

  11. How do individuals physically interact while they are performing the movement or dance? Do they dance in pairs? In groups? In what type of formation?

  12. What is the use of space? How close are the people to each other? To the music being played? How large is the space being used? Do all people move over the entire space, or do they stay in a small space?

  13. Is there music or rhythmic accompaniment to the movement? (Think about the "Hokey Pokey," for example. There are usually no instruments, but people sing and move to an established rhythm.)

  14. If YES, is the music recorded, or are there live musicians?


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