Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lesson 4 Moving to Music

Questions for Dancers

Identify someone in your community who does traditional dances, such as Cajun two-step or waltz, zydeco two-step or waltz, second-line dancing, old-time country two-step or waltz, or Native American pow wow dances. Dance traditions are also practiced by Czechs, Filipinos, Greeks, Hungarians, and Vietnamese, among others. Interview dancers using the questions below and ask them to sign a release form or give an oral release so that you can use the information you gather for future projects.

Name of Student Interviewer: ___________________________  Date: ______________

Name of Dancer: ________________________________________________________

Male or Female (circle) Age:_____ Written Release Acquired? _____ Oral Release? ____

1.  What do you call the dance the dance that you do?

2.  When and where did you learn this kind of dance?

3.  How did you learn it? Think about these questions:

Did a person teach it to you?

What is your relationship to that person?

Did you learn it from watching a live performance?
Television performance?
Recorded performance?

Did you learn it some other way?

4.  What specific movements are important?

Are they hard to do?

5.  What music accompanies this dance?

Is it live, recorded, or both?


6.  When do you usually do this dancing? Where? With whom?

7.  Why do you like this kind of dancing?

8.  Have you taught anyone this dance? If so, to whom?

9.  Do you know anything about the history of this kind of dancing?

Who started it?



What influenced them?

10.  Do you have any stories about this dance?

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