Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lessons 5 and 6

Production Rubric

Name _____________________________________________           Date ____________________

Check the product being evaluated:
___ Want Ad ___ Music Festival Picture ___ Advertising Poster ___ Radio Program ___ Legendary Recording Studios Research ___ Money Spent in Music Industry Spreadsheet ___ Skit on Music Ethnographers ___ Annotated Bibliography ___ Downloading Music Survey ___ Music Career Study Programs ___ Music Industry Job Resumé ___ Video Production ___ Planning a Music Festival ___ Economic Impact of Music on Louisiana ___ Other (List)________________________________

Above Standard
(25-20 points)
At Standard
(19-11 points)
Still a Goal
(10-0 points)
Possible Actual
  • Gathered accurate and extensive information about the topic.
  • Searched or gathered from several types of resources - e.g., interviews, web, videos, recordings.
  • Included multiple viewpoints.
  • Gathered meager information, some inaccuracies.
  • Limited types of resources searched, included.
  • Included limited viewpoints.
  • Information is inadequate and/or inaccurate.
  • Only one type of resource used.
  • Few viewpoints explored.
  • Uses multiple resources - e.g., fieldwork, interviews, web, video, recordings.
  • Effectively and logically categorizes information to explain findings.
  • Limited use of resources.
  • Categories are not all accurate or logical.
  • Use of resources is lacking or not evident.
  • Findings not categorized.
Interpreting and
  • Interprets, evaluates, and organizes information to explain concepts, differences.
  • Establishes and maintains clear focus.
  • Depth and complexity of ideas supported by rich, engaging, and/or pertinent details; evidence of analysis, reflection, and insight.
  • Conclusions are logical outcomes of information gathered.
  • Interpretations and organization focused.
  • Ideas supported by relevant details; some evidence of analysis, reflection.
  • Conclusions are not all logical.
  • Random organization.
  • Few or irrelevant details.
  • Little evidence of analysis, reflection.
  • Conclusions lacking or not logical outcomes of information.
  • Very clearly presented with high quality and much creativity.
  • Computer or handmade visuals or costumes enhance presentation.
  • Layout or acting enhances observer's ability to understand the information.
  • Precise and rich language.
  • Convincing presentation, some creativity evident.
  • Visuals and/or costumes aid understanding of relationships.
  • Effective layout.
  • Acceptable, effective language.
  • Presentation unclear, lacks conclusions.
  • Very little or poor use of visuals.
  • Confusing layout, information unclear.
  • Simplistic and/or imprecise language.

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