Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lessons 1 and 2

Found Poem - Found Song

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TOPIC  Louisiana Music      

TASK: A Found Poem is made with words and phrases from something you read. It uses someone else's language, but the poet combines it in a new way. Write a Found Poem following these directions.
  1. Your teacher will assign one of these articles for you to read:
  2. As you read, choose ten main key words or phrases that give the meaning of that music genre to you, and jot them down.
  3. Arrange these words or phrases in a pleasing and meaningful way to make a poem.
  4. Write or type the poem and illustrate it with drawings or pictures you have collected for this lesson.
  5. Read or recite your poem to the class
  6. Work with your group to choose a song in the genre you have read about, then arrange words and phrases to make a song about the genre. Use the Tempo, Dynamics, and Rhythm that are unique to the genre. If possible, locate some of the instruments used in that genre to accompany the singing.
  7. Sing and play your Found Song for the class



For examples of Found Poem, see page 2.

For a pdf of this page click here.