Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lesson 1 and 2


Found Poem - Found Song, page 2



Mississippi River Blues


Something for everyone
Indigenous, alternative, mainstream
Dirty rhythms on cymbals, toms, snare, and bass
Boogie lines on guitar
Short, punchy phrases on harmonica
Long-held blasts on trombone
Short riffs in call-and-response
The sound of
Hezekiah and the Houserockers.

Written to accompany Since Ol' Gabriel's Time: Hezekiah and the Houserockers, by David Evans.


Musique Acadien/ Cajun Music
Prairies and porches
Family gathering
Remember the days when neighbors sat together and shared songs.
Fiddle tunes
String bands
Elders teach us through the example of their lives.
Listen, learn, and have a good time.

Written to accompany Cajun Music: Alive and Well in Louisiana, by Ann Savoy.




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