Unit II Classroom Applications of Fieldwork Basics
Lesson 5 Making Use of Fieldwork

Processing Fieldwork Tasks Worksheet

Name ______________________________  Date _____________________

Complete each task for your assigned role. Check each item as it is completed.


___ Ensure that the audio files, forms, fieldnotes, illustrations, maps, and photographs are properly labeled, filed, and stored in the group's Archive Folder.
___ Write a thank-you note to Interviewee, and ask each group member to sign it.
___ Mail the thank-you note to the Interviewee within one week of the interview.


___ If the Audio Log has not been completed, do so now.
___ Choose an important element of the audio file and transcribe for TEN MINUTES only.
___ Indicate whether you will include all the "uhs" and "ahs."
___ Use standard English orthography.
___ Record the index numbers on the audio recorder for this excerpt.

Photo Manager

___ Complete your Photo or Slide Log
___ If using a digital camera, download your images and save them onto a CD or a folder on the hard drive.
___ Print a Contact Sheet (a page of thumbnail images) of all digital photos.
___ Number and name the photos.
___ File the log in the Archive Folder.
___ If using a film camera, have the film developed.
___ Label photographs - write lightly with a #2 pencil on the back of the photo.
___ Number each photo, and complete the Log
___ For a PowerPoint presentation, scan the images on film and save them onto a CD or a folder on the hard drive.
___ Select the five photos that are most significant to use in your presentation.

Cultural Interpreter

___ Brainstorm so that you arrive at the "heart" of the interview.
___ What new knowledge did you gain from the person you interviewed?
___ What struck you as most important?
___ What do you think other people would find most interesting?
___ Write 250-500 words to explain the importance of the fieldwork. Imagine that you are writing to someone who doesn't know anything about the interview.
___ File the essay in the Archive Folder.

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