Interview Checklist

Name____________________________________________  Date____________________________


____ Decide on a topic and choose a site where you can find out about it

____ Research the topic and site to gain basic knowledge.

____ Choose a person to interview and make an appointment with him or her at a quiet place.

____ Make sure all supplies and forms are in your Interview Folder -- For the Teacher and Field Kit -- For Teachers.

____ Practice using the audio recorder, camera, or other equipment, prepare forms for collecting biographical information and practice using them.

____ Prepare a list of questions to guide the interview. Use the Folklife Survey Form if you need more information.

____ Decide if you are an insider or outsider at the interview. Beforehand, write in your journal about things that may affect the interview. Consult the Insider/Outsider Worksheet for more ideas about this aspect of fieldwork.


____ Locate a quiet place to set up and test the recorder.

____ Begin by recording the biographical data. Explain to your Interviewee exactly what will be taking place and have him or her read the Oral Release Form into the recorder.

____ Start with general, biographical information and narrow to specific questions.

____ Pause early in the interview to check your recorder levels.

____ Take pictures of the Interviewee.

____ Have interviewee sign a Written Release Form.


____ Write follow-up fieldnotes about your impressions, ideas, and questions you still need to ask.

____ Label your audio files. Complete your Audio Log and Photo Log.

____ Start transcribing as soon as possible.

____ Analyze your findings to identify the important points. Decide if any follow-up is needed.

____ Send your Interviewee a thank-you note.


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