Unit II Classroom Applications of Fieldwork Basics
Lessons 1 - 5


Conducting an Interview Evaluation

Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5 BEFORE THE INTERVIEW
          Decide on a topic.
          Research basic knowledge about the topic.
          Choose a person to interview and make an appointment with him or her at a quiet place.
          Make sure all supplies and forms are in your Interview Folder -- For the Teacher and Field Kit -- For Teachers.
          Practice using the audio recorder, camera, or other equipment, prepare forms for collecting biographical information and practice using them.
          Prepare a list of questions to guide the interview. Use Folklife Interview Form if you need more information.
          Decide if you are an insider or outsider at the interview. Beforehand, write in your Journal about things that may affect the interview.
          Locate a quiet place to set up and test the recorder.
          Begin by recording the biographical data. Explain to your Interviewee exactly what will be taking place and have him or her read the Oral Release Form into the recorder.
          Start with general, biographical information and narrow to specific questions.
          Pause early in the interview to check your recorder levels.
          Take necessary notes in your Journal. Ask for clarification of special language and terms.
          Take pictures of the Interviewee.
          Have Interviewee sign a Written Release Form.
          Write follow-up notes about your impressions, ideas, and questions you still need to ask.
          Label audio files. Complete your Audio Log and Photo Log.
          Start transcribing as soon as possible.
          Analyze your findings to identify the important points. Decide if any follow-up is needed.
          Send your Interviewee a thank-you note.

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