Unit II Classroom Applications of Fieldwork Basics
Lesson 5 Making Use of Fieldwork

Archive Folder List of Contents

Name ______________________________    Date ___________________

Listed below are all the forms needed for archiving the information captured.

  • Write the dates you are archiving the forms on the lines provided below.

  • Place a checkmark checkmark below the date to show that the forms were archived on that date.

  • Add any new equipment you use on the blank lines.

Date    Date    Date

____    ____    ____


I. Audio Recording Pocket
Audio recording, clearly labeled with name, date, and place
Audio Log
iI. Photo Pocket
Photo files
Photo Log or labeled Contact Sheet
III. Forms Pocket
Signed permission forms
Folklife Interview Form
IV. Interview Fieldnotes
Insider / Outsider Worksheet
Illustrator's drawings and maps from fieldsite
Lead Interviewer's notes from fieldsite
List of questions prepared in advance
V. Processing Fieldnotes Notes
Fieldnotes on three fieldwork questions
Writing About an Interview Worksheet
Freewriting and journal notes
Cultural Interpreter's essay
VI. Final Product

Archive Folder

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