Unit I Defining Terms
Lesson 3 Folk Genres

Word Quilt Worksheet -- Page 3

1. From the tribal music and dancing of the Chitimacha Indians
2. To the Fais-do-do of the Cajuns;
3. From the telling of ghost stories to the oral traditions of the Cajuns;
4. From the dialect of Cajun French to the Northern drawl of Louisiana;
5. From Mardi Gras parades
6. To festivals
7. Of cooking and crafts;
8. We pass down all our traditions in diverse ways.


  1. Read the poem that one team created for their Word Quilt.
  2. Create your team's poem on the lines below. Use two phrases from each student in your group. Connect the phrases with other words so they have poetic sense. Arrange the words and phrases in a pleasing and meaningful way to make a poem.
  3. Copy the poem on the Word Quilt Template, with the title in the center and the other lines in a "circle" around the center square.
  4. Write each line of the poem on one of the colored strips of paper. Paste the strips on the Word Quilt Template to make your team's block.
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