Unit I Defining Terms
Lesson 3 Folk Genres

Word Quilt Worksheet -- Page 2

  1. Review your answers in Step 2 above and circle the two that are your favorites.

  2. Work with your team to choose words and phrases from everyone's lists. Then arrange them in a pleasing and meaningful way to make a poem. The poem should total 8 lines and use two phrases from each student in your group. See the example on Page 3.

  3. Write your group's poem on the blank lines on Page 3.

  4. Copy the poem on the Word Quilt Template with the title in the center square and one line of the poem in each rectangle. The poem should be written in a "circle" around the center square. See Word Quilt Example for an example.

  5. Look at samples of traditional Log Cabin quilts on the Louisiana Quilt Documentation Project webpage,

    • From the homepage, select "Search Database" and type "log cabin" into the search bar. A list will appear, and you can click on the quilt icons to view different styles of Log Cabin quilts.

  6. Choose one of the designs. Select paper strips in the colors that are needed for the design.

  7. Assemble your team's block for the Word Quilt:

    • Write the title in the center square.
    • Cut the paper strips in the correct lengths to fit the spaces where they will be pasted. Be sure to choose the correct colors for each rectangle.
    • Write the phrases of the poem on the colored strips.
    • Assemble your strips on the template.
    • Glue the strips to the template.

  8. Assemble all Word Quilt blocks on roll paper or poster board to make a large class "Word Quilt." Post it on the bulletin board.

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