Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lesson 1 Music Around the State: Sound and Place

Louisiana Voices Traditional Music Examples Resource Sheet

IF YOU HEAR... Then The Music Is Typically In Louisiana Voices Online Example
Double Fiddles, Acoustic Guitar, French Singing, Triangle ('tit fer), Drums Cajun Music South Louisiana 'Tit galop pour Mamou by Steve Riley and The Mamou Playboys
Chromatic or Piano Accordion, Frottoir (rubboard), Drums, French Singing Zydeco South Louisina Zydeco sont pas salé by Clifton Chenier
Group Singing, Guitar Gospel Quartet North Louisiana Jezebel by the Ever Ready Gospel Singers
Trumpet, Piano, Percussion, Call-and-Response Vocals in English and Creole Jazz New Orleans Eh là bas by Billie and DeDe Pierce
Trumpet, Tuba, Drums, Hand Percussion Instruments (tamborine, cowbell, etc.), Call-and-Response Singing, Trombone, Saxophone Mardi Gras Indians New Orleans Let's Go Get 'Em by Bo Dollis, Monk Boudreaux, and the ReBirth Brass Band
Electric Guitar, Dobro, Drums, Bass, Accordion, Solo Singing Contemporary Country South Louisiana Lakes Charles by Lucinda Williams
Electric Lead Guitar, Brass Section, Organ, Drums, Bas, Vocal Duet, Call-and-Response Singing Rhythm & Blues New Orleans and Mississippi Delta Where Ever There's a Will, There's a Way by Ernie K-Doe
Piano, Drums, Bass, Slide Guitar, Lead Guitar, Solo Singing Rockabilly North Louisiana Country Girl by Kenny Bill Stinson
Unaccompanied Solo Vocal Sung In Spanish Isleño Décima St. Bernard Parish The Life of a Crab Fisherman by Irvan Perez
Finger-Picked 12-String Guitar, Solo Vocal North Louisiana Blues North Louisiana Fannin Street by Leadbelly
Fiddle, Lead & Backup Guitar, Upright Bass, Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Solo Vocal North Louisiana Country North Louisiana Wondering by Webb Pierce

For music credits, see Streaming Audio and Video Clips on Traditional Louisiana Cultures

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