Unit VII Material Culture: The Stuff of Life
Lesson 3 Introducing Louisiana Foodways

Preparing a Louisiana Meal -- A Cloze Activity

Name _______________________________________________ Date _______________

Directions: After observing the preparation of a meal, review your notes, maps, and audio or video recordings to find words that can make sense in the blanks below and give an accurate account of that meal preparation. There are no right answers! Just use words that tell what you observed.

Watching _______________ prepare a real Louisiana meal was a(n) _______________

experience! When I arrived, _______________ and _______________ were ready to

begin. I was so appreciative that _______________ had agreed to let me

observe _______________ that I brought them _______________ as a token of my


But, the day before I went, I began thinking about what I would see there. I already knew

that they _______________ and that their kitchen was _______________. I also knew

that these people like _______________, so I figured they would be cooking


I began to look around at all of the details. I noticed _______________ and

_______________ right away. That made me think that this home was a very

_______________ place. Then I saw _______________ , which

made me think that they _______________. Some other interesting things

were _______________, _______________, and _______________.

I sketched a diagram of the _______________, and drew lines to show how

_______________ moved around the space. Then I set up the _______________ to

record the conversations, just to be sure I wouldn't miss anything.

As _______________ began the meal preparation, I noticed s/he was going to cook in a

_______________. S/he told me that was the best utensil of all for _______________

because _______________. Then the ingredients were assembled. The main ones

were _______________, _______________, and _______________.

Lots of talking went on during the cooking. _______________ did most of it. S/he talked

mostly about _______________. Meanwhile, wonderful aromas were _______________

around. They reminded me of _______________.

I learned that this recipe came from _______________ and it is usually served

_______________. The ingredients are _______________ to find, and the

_______________ is especially important for this recipe.

When the interview was over, I got to _______________. I thanked them and left, feeling

_______________. Now I know _______________ about Louisiana cooking!


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