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For Students

Welcome to Louisiana Voices! Do you have a nickname? How do you celebrate your favorite holiday? Name something that you have learned outside school. How did you learn to play Tic Tac Toe? Tell a story about yourself when you were little.

Just like adults, young people are active makers and users of all kinds of folklife traditions. Everyone has folklife! Louisiana Voices shows you how to learn more about your own folklife and the many kinds of folklife that people in your family, your community, and your state practice. You will discover that you are already an expert in several traditions, and you will find lots of storytellers, musicians, and craftspeople all around you and all around Louisiana.

Use Louisiana Voices to learn how to do these things and more:

  • Interview
  • Record audio
  • Take photos
  • Make videos
  • Write field notes
  • Make maps

Find lots of cool activities, worksheets, photos, videos, stories, and websites in Louisiana Voices.


Student Resources

Folklife in Louisiana

Student Worksheets, Forms, & Assessment Tools


Student Essays

Cajun Wedding Traditions (For 4th Graders)

Conducting An Interview (For 8th Graders)

It's a Very Pink Day in My Neighborhood: Spanish Town, Baton Rouge (For 8th Graders)

Louisiana's Three Folk Regions (For 8th Graders)

The Hungarians of Louisiana: An Overview

Gospel Music in Louisiana

What Is Folklife and Why Study It? (For 8th Graders)

Louisiana's Many Food Traditions


Teaching Aid Posters

Some Basic Types of Folklife (version 1)

Some Basic Types of Folklife (version 2)

Zydeco:  page 1   page 2

Oral Narratives

Family Traditions

Bel Abbey


National Endowment for the Arts.

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