Unit IX Part 1 The Seasonal Round
Lesson 1 and 2





Name _____________________________________________ Date _______________


  • Print this page. You may print out various sizes by enlarging or reducing the drawing on the computer or on a copier. You may also trace the drawing by hand or enlarge it with a projected transparency.
  • Cut out the Star Seasonal Round with scissors.
  • Designate each section of the star as a period of time, for example, one day during the holiday season OR one week from Thanksgiving to New Year's week.
  • Label each section beginning clockwise from the top.
  • Write in personal, community, and statewide holiday celebrations that you have collected through research and interviews, or traditions that you know about from personal experience. You might want to write personal and family traditions at the center and other cultural ways of celebrating the season towards the outer edges of the drawing. You can highlight the traditions of various cultures by using different colors representing that tradition. Example: blue and white for Hannukah; green, black, and red for Kwanzaa.
  • For fun, cut out several stars in several different sizes and colors. Use these stars to decorate your Star Seasonal Round diagram. You can combine them to make an ornament or even tie them with ribbon to your Star Seasonal Round diagram to make a mobile. On each star of the mobile, include information, quotes and illustrations about each culture you researched.


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