Unit IX Part 1 The Seasonal Round
Lesson 2 Constructing Personal Calendars

Seasonal Customs Worksheet

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What seasons or holidays are associated with the following customs?

1. Sort the customs listed below according to the seasons in which they occur and write them in the correct boxes on Page 2. Some may be associated with more than one season.

2. Add at least two customs associated with a season or holiday from your own knowledge or research.

Cleaning house
Planting by the signs of the moon
Egg knocking or pocking
Attending family reunions
Shooting fireworks
Blessing of the fleet
Cleaning graves
Predicting hurricanes
Berry picking
Making paper lanterns
Building home altars
Lighting candles
Wearing something green
Pressing sugar cane
Shelling peas
Hanging gourd birdhouses
Throwing rice
Attending revivals or camp meetings
Drying palmetto
Trail riding
Gathering flower seeds
Duck calling
Celebrating a Seder
Attending or participating in a Dragon Dance
Canning fruits and vegetables
Giving up something
Curing meat
Building bonfires on the levee
Eating black-eyed peas
Watching or participating in parades
Spinning a dreidl
Going on a picnic
Baking sweets
Making filé
Harvesting willow for furniture making
Attending public programs or speeches

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