Unit IX Part 2 The Cycle of Life
Lesson 3 Elders' Ways

The Stories They Tell -- Graveyard Data Collection Worksheet

Name ______________________________________________ Date ______________

Task: You are a folk culture researcher who must show that graveyards reflect how cultures change and differ from each other. You will be assessed on your ability to analyze the data you collected and infer cultural practices and differences.

Use this form to record data about the graveyard you visit. Analyze the data to find out how customs change over time and how different folk groups' graveyard traditions differ. After thinking about your findings and discussing the field trip in class, use the Conclusions Worksheet to tell what you have found out.

Name of Cemetery:


Boundaries (location and how it is marked):

Age (when cemetery was founded):

Religious Affiliation(s):

Ethnic Group(s):

Check the features you see: ___ Fences  ___ Paths  ___ Paved drives  ___ Chapel  ___ Other buildings ___ Plantings  ___ Shrubs  ___ Fresh flowers on graves  ___ Artificial flowers on graves ___ Photographs on headstones  ___ Personal mementos on graves such as stuffed animals, food, or candy (describe below)  ____ Stones, shells, or other natural objects on graves  ____ Writing other than English on gravestones  ____ Countries of Origin noticed on gravestones ____ Symbols and figures observed ____ Other (list below)

Describe personal mementos or other findings:








Directions: Select four graves from this graveyard and record the following data for each:

Name of deceased        
Birth and death dates        
Age at time of death        
Birthplace and place of death        
Same surname on nearby graves        
Symbols (statues, religious signs, organizational insignia)        
Style of stone (tablet, obelisk, block, and slab)        
Adornments (flowers, military markers, pictures, etc.)        
Graveyard traditions (flags on national holidays, grave cleanings, and so on)        

Check the activities you did: ___ Mapping ____ Photographing ____ Grave drawing
____ Recording data


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