Unité VIII Leçon 2 Resources

Aber, Lee. Something Nobody Else Has: The Story of Turtle Trapping in 
Louisiana. Hawksbill Productions, 1984. A 30-minute video documenting the alligator snapping turtle and the people who trap, study, and try to protect it. Good for secondary classrooms. Available for loan from the Louisiana State Library or for purchase from Hawksbill Productions, 734 Cheatwood Road, Ruston, LA 71270, 318/255-7505.
Allemel, Frederic. 1999. Houma Indian Arts. Exhibit Catalog. n.p., $6 + 1.50 
shipping and handling. Available from Frederic Allemel, 105 East Dr., Pierre Part, LA 70339.
Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana. Red Shoe's People: A History of the Sovereign 
Nation of the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana, 1992. Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana, Elton, LA. Available from the Coushatta Tribe Louisiana, PO Box 818, Elton, LA 70532. Also available online.
DiSalvo-Ryan, DyAnne. City Green. William Morrow, 1994. A girl works with 
neighbors to create a community garden. Grades K-4, $16.
Gregory, H. F., and Donald W. Hatley, eds. 1992. Splittin' on the Grain: North 
Louisiana Crafts. Alexandria, LA Museum of Art. Out of print. In many Louisiana libraries.
Gundaker, Grey, ed. Keep Your Head to the Sky: Interpreting African American 
Home Ground. University Press of Virginia, 1998. Teacher resource.
Kniffen, Fred, H. F. Gregory, and George A. Stokes. The Historic Indian Tribes of 
Louisiana: From 1542 to the Present. LSU, 1987.
Langley, Linda, Susan Lejeune, and Claude Oubre, eds. Folklife Series. LSU at 
Eunice. Each issue features a Coushatta tradition bearer. Les Raconteurs: Treasure Lore and More, Vol. 1, 1995; Les Artistes: Crafters Tell Their Tales. Vol. 2, 1996; Les Reveil des Fetes: Revitalized Celebrations and Performance Traditions, Vol. 3, 1997; Les Vieux Temps: Recreation and Family Traditions in Southwest Louisiana Vol.4, 1998. Series copies available from P.O. Box 1129, Eunice, LA 70535 or 318/457-7311, ext 308.
Medford, Claude, Jr., H. F. Gregory, and Don Sepulvado. The Old Ways Live: The 
Claude Medford, Jr. Collection. Northwestern State University, Williamson Museum, 1990. Available from the Williamson Museum, Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA 71497, 318/357-4364.
Morris, Oradel Nolen. I Hear the Song of the Houmas/J'Entends La Chanson Des 
Houmas. Paupieres Publishing Co., Houma, LA, 1992.
Snyder, Luella and Steve Knudsen. Of Sugar Cane and Syrup. Perspective Film, 
1977. A 15-minute documentary focusing on the Stribling family as they make sugar cane for their own use. Available for loan through the Louisiana State Library.
Westmacott, Richard. African-American Gardens and Yards in the Rural South. 
University of Tennessee Press, 1992. Teacher resource.
Wilson, Charles Reagan, and William Ferris, eds. Encyclopedia of Southern 
Culture, University of North Carolina Press, 1989. Includes concise essays on all aspects of the South, see p. 517 for quilt entries "Afro-American Quilting," by Maude Southwell Wahlman, and "Anglo-American Quilting," by Susan Roach. Available in many public libraries, 1,656 pages, $69.95.
Pour les resources louisianaises consultez le Louisiana Catalog, 800/375-4100, 1478 Highway 1, Larose, LA 70373, <lacatalog@mobiletel.com> and the Educational Associates Catalog of Louisiana Multimedia Titles, 123 Polly Lane, Lafayette, LA 70508, 800/960-222, 337/984-8951.