Unit VIII The Worlds of Work and Play
Lesson 2 Home Work

Jobs and Skills in My Home Worksheet

Name ______________________________________________ Date _______________

Use this worksheet to identify the jobs and skills needed to run your household or the household of a friend, neighbor, or other interviewee. Choose one or all the topics for your research.


1. List steps necessary to prepare meals in the home and who is responsible for each.

Planning menu
Buying or gathering food and supplies
Cleaning up

2. List chores of adults, children, and teenagers in the household.




3. Identify an area of expertise for each member of the household, for example, cooking, sewing, repairing, decorating, making crafts or other domestic objects, entertaining, nurturing.




4. What domestic skill are you expert in, for example, organizing a collection, hair styling, computers, hobbies or crafts, pet care, etc.? How did you learn it? Demonstrate a domestic skill or craft that you know or learn one from someone else.


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