Unit VIII The Worlds of Work and Play
Lesson 1 On the Job

I Spy Worksheet

Name ________________________________________ Date __________________



Cotton Pickin' Time, by Clementine Hunter

Working in the Kitchen, by Sarah Albritton

Farrier, by Henry Watson




1. Access one of the webpages listed above and choose one of the pictures.

2. Observe the picture carefully and write down as many things as you can that you see in the picture.

3. Think of some things you can infer from the picture because of details you observed. Share them with your group members.

4. Complete this task:

Pretend that you are a reporter with a local newspaper. One day, your editor shows you a photograph on her computer screen. There is no information with it. She wants you to figure out what was happening in the picture and write a detailed account of the incident. Look closely at every detail as you piece together what might have happened, then write your news article on the computer.

Extra! Extra! Write All About It!

Write more stories about pictures you find on these sites.


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