Unit VIII The Worlds of Work and Play
Lesson 2 Home Work

Gimme a Clue Worksheet

Name ______________________________________________ Date _______________

TASK: The essay below has important information about the concepts in the next lesson you will be studying on work around the home. BUT . . . many of the words are missing!
  First Read the whole essay quickly, to get a general idea of what it's about, despite the missing words.
  Second Think about what you already know about work around the home.
  Third Fill in the blanks with words that make sense to you.
  Fourth Check your answers with the Answer Key, which your teacher will give you, and write any different answers above yours.
  Finally Read the article again, using the new answers.

            By examining domestic work, skills, and crafts, you can uncover traditional

in your own home and daily life. You can identify experts ___________ home and

in the _______________ whose skills contribute to ________________ family life and

community. _________________ crafts vary from home to _____________ and regionally,

and you will study domestic _______________ around the state. You _____________

examine how gender and ____________ relate to domestic work ____________ analyze

where you ____________ in the scheme of work around the home.

            Work _______________ the home is an _________________ part of domestic and

_______________ folklife, conveying skills, values, _____________ of behaving,

responsibility, and ____________________. Gender and age often _____________ a big

role in assignment ___________ tasks and responsibilities. Households _______________

master craftspeople, cooks, repair ________________, caregivers, musicians, or

gardeners. _________________ learn traditionally by observation and imitation from

everyone in their households. Some domestic skills ___________ overlooked as areas of

__________________ or dismissed as "women's work" ____________ require practice,

patience, and ______________, whether baking biscuits, building a _____________,

tatting lace, or managing a ______________ troop. As in work ________________ the

home, elements of _____________ enter domestic work as well. _________________ can

be entertaining as ____________ as useful; building something ___________ hand is

satisfying; telling ________________ while doing household chores makes the work go

faster; _________________ and tending a garden _________________ year-round

aesthetic and practical ________________.


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