Unit VII Lesson 1 Resources

Deetz, James. In Small Things Forgotten: The Archeology of Early American Life
Anchor Press, 1977. A good basic teacher resource to material culture such as house types and gravestones.
Chiseri-Strater, Elizabeth and Bonnie Sunstein. FieldWorking: Reading and 
Writing Research. Prentice Hall, 1997. Valuable teacher resource with lessons for reading, writing, fieldwork, and teaching students to "read" landscape and culture, $25.
Hawkins, Nancy. Classroom Archaeology. Louisiana Division of Archaeology, 
1991. For artifact reading, which contains archaeology activities for middle school students. Free. The Louisiana Division of Archaeology offers booklets, education packets, and bibliography through an online teacher order form.
Nobles, Connie. Adventures in Classroom Archaeology. Louisiana Division of 
Archaeology, 1992. Free. Archaeology activities for grades K-12.