Unit VII Material Culture: The Stuff of Life
Lesson 3 Introducing Louisiana Foodways

Rubric for Observing Meal Preparation

Name _______________________________________________ Date _______________

Who Was Observed ________________________________________________________

What Meal Was Prepared ___________________________________________________

____ Points
____ Points
____ Points
____ Points
Possible Score
Preparing for Observation
  • Plans questions or designs a survey; makes appointment for visit; takes a gift; brainstorms about what might be seen.
  • Does most of the required preparations.
  • Does very little preparation.
  • Does not prepare.
Obtaining Equipment
  • Obtains audio or video recorder and/or notetaking and map-making materials.
  • Obtains most of the required equipment.
  • Obtains some equipment.
  • Obtains no equipment.
Researching and Gathering Information
  • Asks appropriate questions; collects a great deal of information, all relevant to topic.
  • Asks mostly appropriate questions; collects sufficient information, most relevant to topic.
  • Asks some inappropriate questions; collects insufficient information, some irrelevant to topic.
  • Gathers information irrelevant to topic.
Analyzing Data
  • Transcribes notes accurately and thinks about data; discusses findings with a partner; completes Cloze Activity.
  • Transcribes and thinks about notes; does not discuss with a partner; completes Cloze Activity.
  • Transcribes inaccurately; no evidence of discussions; Cloze Activity incomplete.
  • Transcriptions missing or inaccurate; no analysis evident; Cloze Activity not done.
Designing Presentation
  • Chooses appropriate medium (oral or written report, computer slide show, portfolio); includes many different elements (recipes, drawings, photos, recordings, interviews); uses pleasing design elements.
  • Chooses appropriate medium; includes some elements; could improve design.
  • Chooses inappropriate medium; includes a few elements; could improve design.
  • Chooses inappropriate medium; includes only one element; uses poor design.
  • Covers topic in depth; includes deductions and generalizations about observations; describes all steps in the process.
  • Covers main topics; includes a few deductions and generalizations; describes some steps in the process.
  • Covers few main topics; includes few deductions and generalizations; omits important steps.
  • Reports unfocused, topics irrelevant to main idea; omits important steps, deductions, and generalizations.
Total Points


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