Unit VII Material Culture: The Stuff of Life
Lesson 1 Reading Artifacts

Motifs and Variations Worksheet

Name _______________________________________________ Date _______________


1. Find images of baskets by at least three different basketmakers in the Domestic Crafts section of the Creole State Exhibit and print them. Number or name each one and write the names in the boxes below.

2. Examine each basket closely to identify all the characteristics you can find, then write those characteristics in the correct column under the basket names. Look for things such as size, shape, color, material, ethnic folk group of the maker, and parish.

3. Look for words that appear in all three columns and circle them. Copy these words in the motif column.

4. Look for words that appear in only one box and underline those words. These are variations, which show how that basket differs from the other two.

5. Write a paragraph about a motif found in all three baskets.

6. Write a paragraph about each basket, telling how it differs from the other two--the variations.

Names of Baskets

Words That Describe
The Motif

 Basket 1

 Basket 2

 Basket 3



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