Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lesson 2 Listening Logs

Sample Listening Logs

Name ______________________________________           Date ____________________

  • Study the Sample Listening Log below to see how the data are organized. Is this the best way to organize the data you have recorded while listening? Perhaps you need more columns, or lists of items to check off above the table. Perhaps you need titles followed by blank lines to insert names or other data.
  • Look at the Listening Log for Community Soundscapes and Listening Log - Music Around Me worksheets for more ways to display data.
  • Study your data carefully and make a list of all of the different types you have. Then design a listening log on the computer using a table in a word processor or a spreadsheet.
  • Add your data to the log. Discuss how these tables, response blanks, boxes, etc. help you to understand the data.

Sample Listening Logs

Date: September 24, 2011________           Length of Listening Session:  15 minutes___


What is the specific
sound you are hearing?

Does it come from nature, the
radio, TV, choir, friends,
family members?

What words would you use to describe
the sound?
Boom from a truck/car A truck or car Loud, deep, startling
Humming Mom Mom singing while she does dishes-- lonely, cozy

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