Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lesson 1 Music Around the State: Sound and Place

Music Genres and Venues Worksheet

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Directions:  In which region of the state would you be most likely to hear the following musical examples: North Louisiana, South Louisiana, or New Orleans? Some may be found in more than one region. How can you prove it? Put a checkmark in the correct column to show your answer for each example listed below. In the last column, write your "proof." This could be from the Key to Louisiana Music Resource Sheet, Louisiana Voices Traditional Music Examples Resource Sheet webpages, personal experience, or class discussion. Be prepared to defend your proofs.

Musical Example/Genre North
Gospel Song                                                                                
Country Song                                                                       
Blues Song                                                                       
Rhythm & Blues Song                                                                       
Rockabilly Song                                                                       
Mardi Gras Indian Song                                                                       
Cajun Song                                                                       
Jazz Song                                                                       
Isleño Song                                                                       
Zydeco Song                                                                       
Bluegrass Song                                                                                
String Band Song                                                                                
Salsa Song                                                                                
Swamp Pop Song                                                                                
Brass Band Song                                                                                
A Cappella Ballad                                                                                
Hillbilly Song                                                                                

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