Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lesson 4 Moving to Music

Moving to Music Self-Assesment

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Directions: What did you learn about folk movement and dance? Look at your completed worksheets and think about the activities you have performed in class during this lesson. Then score yourself for each item below. If you score in the Novice column for any items, ask you teacher if you can study this part some more.
1. I can identify at least 10 Movement Elements on my Response Journal.                         
2. I can describe folk dances and folk movements.                         
3. I can show through movement the differences between several styles.                         
4. I can show how a culture will probably move to music.                         
Exploration 5. I tried at least 8 of the traditional movements.                         
6. I can demonstrate the movement on my Self-Discovery Worksheet.                         
7. I tried some movements on my classmates' Self-Discovery Worksheets.                         
8. I can create a sequence of movements.                         
9. I tried at least 3 of the folk dances.                         
10. I can explain why different folk groups have different movements.                         
Delivery 11. I performed my sequence of movements.                         
12. I performed my sequence of movements in my group's string performance.                         
13. These are the cultures I interpreted with movement:

14. I can perform these folk dances:

15. I can describe folk movements and folk dances on my worksheets and in my notes and interviews                         
16. I used the correct names and lots of adjectives in my notes and journals to make my descriptions clear.                         
17. I was able to form some Conclusions in my Response Journal.                         
18. I obtained all answers on the Questions for Dancers worksheet.                         
Total Points                              

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