Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lesson 5 Music Is Business

Careers in Music - Letter Writing Checklist

Name ______________________________________           Date ____________________

  1. Choose a person who works in a music career that interests you.
  2. Write a letter to this person asking for more information about his or her career. It should contain all of the parts listed below. Click here to see how it should look.
  3. Answer each question below, then use the answers in your letter.
  4. After completing the letter, put a checkmark in the last column to show that item has been included.

Items Parts to include in the letter.
What is the person's name, title, and address?

What is the purpose of your request?

What action do you want your reader to take?

Middle: Information you want to know                  
What is his/her typical workday?

How did s/he become interested in this career?

What special skills does someone need to have to perform this job?



Items Parts to include in the letter.
What education and training does a person need?

What does s/he like most about the job?

What does s/he like least about the job?

State precisely what action you wish the reader to take.

Tell what date it is needed.

Thank your reader for his or her time.

Compare your letter to the Model Letter, click here.

Mailing the Letter                  
Fold it to fit the envelope.
Address an envelope to yourself for them to send you their reply.
Put the letter and the envelope addressed to you in another envelope.
Address the envelope and put a stamp on it.
Mail the letter.

For a pdf of this page click here.