Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lesson 5 Music Is Business

Careers in Music - Letter Writing Worksheet

Name ______________________________________           Date ____________________

  1. Consult the chart below and select a career that you would be most interested in pursuing. Brainstorm on a sheet of paper about what you imagine the worker's typical workday to be like.
  2. Using the library, Internet, telephone book, or word of mouth, locate the name and address of someone working in the career you've chosen.
  3. Use the Letter Writing Checklist to help you write a letter to this person asking for more information about his or her career.
  4. Mail the letter and wait for a response! After you receive a response, write a thank-you note.

Performer: composes, sings, arranges, plays an instrument, and/or conducts performances. Disc Jockey: radio announcer who plays music.
A & R (artist & repertoire): locates and signs new talent. Retailer: promotes records or artists through retail stores.
Artist Manager: promotes musicians' careers by locating deals and bookings. Journalist: writes articles and editorials about musicians and the music industry.
Publicist / Promoter: promotes clients by getting coverage in television, print, and electronic media. Publisher: secures use of music in recording; obtains copyrights and licenses and secures royalties.
Tour Manager: oversees road tours; ensures that all runs smoothly by securing accommodations, overseeing set-up and sound check, and getting equipment moved. Marketing Consultant: responsible for advertising musician; researches customer trends, needs, and desires; coordinates promotional events.
Booking Agent: arranges performance at a club or venue. Videographer: works in the making, production, and publicity of music videos.
Instrument Maker: makes by hand musical instruments, such as guitar, mandolin, or violin. Product Manager: oversees the promotion of musical products; ensures that stores are carrying products.
Entertainment Lawyer: attorney who specializes in contracts for musicians. Dancer: moves in rhythmic ways to music in costume and often with stage props.
CD/DVD Manufacturer: produces CDs and DVDs for distribution. Recording Engineer: responsible for operating all equipment during a recording session.
Audio-Visual Technician: transports and sets up audiovisual equipment; maintains and upgrades audiovisual equipment. Music Teacher: instructs others in musical skills, either through formal education or informal mentoring.
Folklorist/Fieldworker: identifies and records musicians-usually traditional musicians-for academic study, festival performances, and archival collections Festival Producer: handles the logistics and coordination involved in festival production, including conception, booking, stage fabrication, equipment rental and setup, and final production.
Critic: reviews live music, musicians, and recordings for publications and media such as TV, radio, or the Internet.  

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