Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lesson 4 Moving to Music

Independent Research Worksheet

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Directions:  Conduct Independent Research on folk dance in Louisiana. Your teacher will assign or ask you to choose one of the topics below. Follow the directions for the selected topic.


A. Research the history of a regional Louisiana folk dance from North Louisiana, South Louisiana, or New Orleans.

1. When and how do you think it developed? Write down your hypothesis.

2. Research the dance on the Internet, in the library, and by interviewing dancers and musicians who play for dances.

3. Try to learn the dance yourself.

4. Compare your findings with your hypothesis.

5. Write an essay or create a timeline. When you present your research to classmates, play appropriate music, show pictures of dancers, demonstrate a dance move specific to this dance, or share a story from a dancer.

B. Conduct a fieldwork study of movement by observing younger students at play on the school playground or playing with action figures.

1. Develop a movement observation sheet to make notetaking easier.

2. Make sure you get the teacher's permission to observe students.

3. Note how the children use space, gender differences, music, language, and rhythm.

4. Based on your observations, choreograph a movement piece to present to classmates or create a comparison chart or oral presentation.



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