Unit VI Louisiana's Musical Landscape
Lesson 3 Generaltional Music Communities

"If I Were an Apprentice" Checklist

Name ______________________________________           Date ____________________

Task:  Choose a Master Musician from Louisiana and write an essay explaining why you chose him or her, why you would like to be his or her Apprentice, how apprentices are instructed, and how this apprenticeship would change your life. Share it with your classmates, parents, and relatives.

Directions:  Insert a checkmark to show that a task was accomplished. First, use this checklist to assess your own performance. Then have a peer assess your performance. Last, your teacher will assess your performance.

Louisiana Musician  ___________________________________         

Apprentice ___________________________________________

Quality Features Self Peer Teacher
1.  Analyze and explain the role of a Master.                               
2.  Explain what you want to learn and why.                               
3.  Explain why this Master could teach you what you want to learn.                               
4.  Explain differences between class instruction and apprenticeship.                               
5.  Explain similarities between class instruction and apprenticeship.                               
6.  Explain what the Master would gain from an Apprentice.                               
7.  Explain what the Apprentice would gain from the Master.                               
8.  Explain how music is passed on to new generations.                               
9.  Relate how an apprenticeship could change your life.                               
10.  Edit your writing for spelling, grammar, neatness.                               
SCORE /10 /10 /10

Count the checkmarks and enter the number to show how many tasks were accomplished.

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