Unit V Oral Traditions: Swapping Stories
Lesson 5 The First Meeting of the Indians and the Europeans

The Rest of the Story Worksheet




(From Prologue, Scene 1 and 2, First Meeting of the Indians and Europeans, Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana)

Task: Choose a character below and compose an ending for the story from this character's point of view.

The Indian Orphan:

Being without relatives,
he was completely and utterly alone.
He used to live by joining up with people;
His relatives were no more.
It is as an orphan that he lived.


The Europeans:

White faces, pants, shirts, and shoes.
The white people want to be friends,
talk to him, want to ask him a few questions.
But they can't understand him.
"Let's trap him."
"How we going to trap him?"


The Indians:

The Indians were dwelling,
the Indians dwelt here, and they hunted for game,
and lived by killing and eating various sorts of things.
. . . he was lying on the ground, so it is said.
He really lay there;
I do not know how long he lay there before he regained consciousness.


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