Unit V Oral Traditions: Swapping Stories
Lesson 5 The First Meeting of the Indians and the Europeans

Anticipation Guide -- Point of View




Directions: Show that you agree or disagree with each statement by marking an X in the correct column.

Then, write a comment about the statement in the blank space. You may add questions and statements as the lesson progresses. After reading or listening to the stories circle the statements you no longer agree with.

Agree   Disagree

_____     _____   1. Historical events can be seen from different points of view.


_____     _____   2. Stories are different when told in another language.


_____     _____   3. Discrimination and prejudice can work both ways between native
                                   peoples and newcomers.


_____     _____   4. Present-day Native Americans have maintained many of their


_____     _____   5. It is hard for an "outsider" to understand how people from other
                                    cultures feel.


_____     _____   6. Language is important in maintaining folklife.


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