Unit V Oral Traditions: Swapping Stories
Lesson 7 Personal Experience Narratives

Personal Experience Narrative Checklist






Task: You are a storyteller who must retell a personal experience narrative. You will be assessed on your ability to include all the main elements of the tale and reveal how these narratives transmit worldview, beliefs, values, concerns, history, and motifs.


Directions: Make an X to show that a quality feature was evident in the presentation of the narrative. First, use this checklist to assess your own performance when you practice. Then have a peer assess your performance. Last, your teacher will assess your performance.

Quality Features Self Peer Teacher
Introduces the story with a "frame."      
Analyzes the roles of characters in the story.      
Reveals differences among storytellers.      
Reveals similarities among storytellers.      
Reveals that stories change from one telling to the next.      
Explains how worldviews and beliefs are passed on to new generations.      
Relates information about values, concerns, and history of an era.      
Reveals one of the common motifs.      


Audience Feedback
Listener states an overall positive impression of the personal experience narrative and cites what he/she liked about it.

Louisiana Content Standards

ELA-7-E3 Recognizing an author's purpose and point of view. (1, 2, 4)

ELA-7-M3 Analyzing the effects of an author's purpose and point of view. (1, 2, 4)

ELA-4-E3 Telling or retelling stories in sequence. (1, 4)

ELA-4-E4 Giving rehearsed and unrehearsed presentations. (1, 4)

ELA-4-E5 Speaking and listening for a variety of audiences (e.g.,classroom, real-life, workplace) and purposes (e.g., awareness, concentration, enjoyment, information, problem solving). (1, 2, 4, 5)

H-1A-M1 Describing chronological relationships and patterns. (1,3,4)

H-1A-M4 Analyzing historical data using primary and secondary sources.(1,2,3,4)

AP-2VA-E2 Recognizing that concepts, such as beauty and taste, are determined by culture and differ from person to person. (1, 5)


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