Unit V Oral Traditions
Lesson 2 Language and Dialects

Anticipation Guide -- Language and Dialects




Show that you agree or disagree with each statement by marking an X in the correct column. Then write a comment about the statement in the blank space. You may add questions and statements as the lesson progresses.

Agree   Disagree

_____     _____   1. Outsiders usually don't understand the language of a folk group.




_____     _____   2. People have often misunderstood me.




_____     _____   3. Dialects follow dependable patterns of pronunciation and grammar, just
                                   like languages.




_____     _____   4. People who speak in a dialect are sometimes ridiculed.




_____     _____   5. Each family passes on and creates its unique language.




_____     _____   6. City dwellers don't have dialects.


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