Unit V Oral Traditions: Swapping Stories
Lesson 6 Historical Legends

Isleño Folk Arts and Artists Worksheet


Find some of the images of Isleño folk arts that are in the online Creole State Exhibit and choose one of the Isleño folk artists' bios below to report on to the class or a small group. Make a brochure about the artist using information and images from the Internet.

Decorative Folk Arts

Isleño Paño de Mesa (Doily), Cecile Alphonso, Delacroix Island

Isleño Turtle Sculpture and Alligator Sculpture, Joseph "Chelito" Campo, Poydras
          Turtle: http://www.louisianavoices.org/Unit5/edu_unit5_turtle_sculpture.html

          Alligator: http://www.louisianavoices.org/Unit5/edu_unit5_turtle_sculpture.html.html

Isleño Blue Winged Teal Drake Decoy, Irvan J. Perez, St. Bernard

Isleño Bluebird Carving, Irvan J. Perez, St. Bernard

Occupational Folk Arts

Isleño Cured Muskrat Skins, Irvan J. Perez, St. Bernard

Isleño Blue Winged Teal Drake, Irvan J. Perez, St. Bernard

Isleño Boatbuilder, Delacroix

Isleño Folk Artist Biographies Online

Alfred Perez, Miniature Wooden Boats, Poydras

Irvan Perez, Décima Singer and Wildlife Carver, Poydras

Louise Perez, Isleño and Italian Foodways, Poydras

Charles R. Robin, Jr., Miniature Boats and Shrimper, Ycloskey


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