Unit IV The State of Our Lives: Being a Louisiana Neighbor
Lesson 1 Louisiana's Major Folk Regions

Prove It Worksheet

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Directions: In which region of the state would you be most likely to find the following folklife traditions, North Louisiana, South Louisiana, or New Orleans? How can you prove it? This worksheet may be used as a pre-test to compare what you know with what you learn during this lesson.

Put a checkmark in the correct column to show your answer for each tradition listed below. In the last column, write your "Proof." This could be what someone said in an interview, a picture from a webpage, information in an article or on a map, or other facts you think of. Later, you may have to use these proofs when others disagree with you.

Folklife Traditions
North Louisiana
South Louisiana
New Orleans



Bonfires on the levee       



Crawfish net       



Picking peaches       



Red beans and rice 




Bluegrass or old-time music       



Easter Rock      






Pit barbeque      







Hunting with a Catahoula hound dog      



Shrimp boat      



Pressing sugar cane      






Chitimacha rivercane weaving







Lake or river baptism      



Brass band      



Stock show      



Compère Lapin stories      







Bonnie and Clyde legends      






Choctaw ribbon shirts      



Houma baskets      



St. Joseph's Day altars      



Stories of working on oil rigs      



"Louisiana Hayride"      



Protestant church homecoming and dinner on the grounds      



Easter egg knocking      



Stories of crop dusting      



Coushatta ceremonial mask      



Saddle making      




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