Unit IV The State of Our Lives: Being a Louisiana Neighbor
Lesson 1 Louisiana's Major Folk Regions

Brainstorming a Regional Cultural Exchange

Name _______________________________________________ Date _______________

After your teacher sets up a cultural exchange with another school, work with a team or individually to choose at least three cultural perspectives to consider exchanging with students in another region of Louisiana. Read the list and circle three topics that interest you. First plan and start a survey of your own regional characteristics, then interview students online through email or video chat about their own. What things do you share? What things differ? Print out or draw a Venn diagram to display results for each category. Use this worksheet as a jumping-off point. Classes may jointly produce a webpage or a scrapbook to share results.


Cultural Perspectives
Language and dialect Crafts, decorative arts, and material culture
Occupations and occupational folklife Customs, celebrations, and festivals
Foodways Oral narrative genres
Geography, ecology, and environment Family names and formal and informal place names
Landscape and land use Ethnic and other folk groups
Soundscape Seasonal round
Music and dance School culture and customs
Religions Current slang, clothing, and hairstyles
Settlement history and patterns After-school activities


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