Unit III Discovering the Obvious
Lesson 3 The Family, Activity 1 Naming Traditions

Matching Name Game Worksheet




Match the names of Louisiana folk artists below with the folk groups and towns to which they most likely belong. Afterward click on the links to Louisiana Folk Artist Biographies to learn more about the people.

1. Gerd Klaveness ___a. Isleño, St. Bernard Parish
2. Shannon Mills ___b. German American, Robert's Cove
3. Alfred Perez ___c. Koasati--Native American, Elton
4. Johnny "Kool" Stevenson ___d. Norwegian American, New Orleans
5. Elaine Bourque ___e. African American, New Orleans
6. Clara Habetz ___f. Croatian American, Port Sulphur
7. Bel Abbey ___g. Anglo-Scots-Irish, Zachary
8. Dominica Tesvich Cibilich ___h. Cajun, Milton



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