Unit III Discovering the Obvious
Lesson 2 The School

School Customs Worksheet



Below are some questions to help you start thinking about the folklife of your school. Answer these after classroom discussion and write down more questions and traditions. Use the back of this sheet or notebook paper. If you interview an adult about school customs of an earlier time, create a questionnaire that includes some of these questions.

1. What is the full name of your school? Who or what is it named for? Why? Has the name changed? Why?



2. Describe your school colors, motto, emblems, mascots, sports nicknames.



3. What are some unspoken rules or customs in your classroom? In your school?



4. Describe an annual or seasonal celebration in your school.



5. What are some folk groups in your school? What makes them folk groups?



6. Are there customs in your school that indicate it is in Louisiana?




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