Unit III Discovering the Obvious
Lesson 1 The Child

Adult Game List Worksheet




Now that you and classmates have collected the names of lots of games that you play, interview some adults about what they played when they were young. When interviewing others, remember to be polite and thank them for their time. A suggested interview form to copy for each interview follows. Add other questions you'd like to ask. If you run across an unfamiliar game, ask about it and report back to the class. Choose at least one game to ask about in detail.


Name of Person Interviewed: ________________________________________________


Birth Year: ______________________________Female___________Male___________


Birthplace: ______________________________________________________________


Childhood Home (if different): _______________________________________________



Games Played as a Child (List games, using a separate sheet if necessary):



Write a detailed description of at least one game you collect, include rules, number of players, boundaries, who played it, special memories (use the back of this sheet or a separate sheet).


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