Unit III Discovering the Obvious
Lesson 3 The Family, Activity 3 Family Treasures

Louisiana Treasures Worksheet


Log onto Creole State Exhibit and look at artifacts in the various categories such as Occupational Crafts, Ritual, or Folk Toys to find an object that appeals to you. Choose one to examine closely. Brainstorm about the object's use, value, and what it says about Louisiana. The addresses below will get you started in your search for an object you want to write about. Look around the online exhibit and choose something that intrigues you or represents Louisiana to you. Explore the photographs in the Louisiana Folklife Photo Gallery <http://www.louisianafolklife.org/FOLKLIFEimagebase/imagebase.html> as well as artifacts in the Creole State Exhibit to learn who makes these artifacts and where they are made. Conduct further research and make a presentation or write an essay about one artifact. Use the What's the Context Worksheet to help in your research if you choose. Download images to illustrate your work.

The Creole State Exhibit: < http://www.louisianafolklife.org/LT/CSE/creole_home.html>

1. African-American parade umbrella
< http://www.louisianavoices.org/Unit3/edu_unit3_umbrella.html >

2. Croatian model oyster boat with camp house
< http://www.louisianavoices.org/Unit3/edu_unit3_oyster_boat.html >

3. African-American Around the World quilt
< http://www.louisianavoices.org/Unit3/edu_unit3_world_quilt.html >

4. Koasati--Native American, blow gun and darts
< http://www.louisianavoices.org/Unit3/edu_unit3_gun_darts.html >

5. Anglo-Scots-Irish wooden ox cart
< http://www.louisianavoices.org/Unit3/edu_unit3_ox_cart.html >

6. Isleño doily
< http://www.louisianavoices.org/Unit3/edu_unit3_isleno_doily.html >

7. Houma-Native American, crawfish effigy
< http://www.louisianavoices.org/Unit3/edu_unit3_crawfish_effigy.html >

8. Houma-Native American palmetto fan and placemat
< http://www.louisianavoices.org/Unit3/edu_unit3_palmetto_fan.html >

9. German-American egret
< http://www.louisianavoices.org/Unit3/edu_unit3_egret.html >

10. Creole cigar box fiddle
< http://www.louisianavoices.org/Unit3/edu_unit3_box_fiddle.html >


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