Unit III Discovering the Obvious
Lesson I The Child

Student Game List Worksheet




1. Games
Write down all the games and kinds of play that you remember now or when you were younger. Don't forget pretend play, travel games, cards, and board games. You may use the back of this sheet.




2. Folk Groups
Write down the different groups of people you've played with, such as neighbors or school friends. These are what folklorists call folk groups.




3. Landscapes and Boundaries
List places where you have played games. Write or draw descriptions of some games, including where you played, boundaries, and where players move from start to finish.




4. Louisiana Kids at Play
On a separate sheet, draw a picture of a memory of childhood play or write a story about it. Share the written story or the story of your picture with a partner. Note any questions that your partner has. Teams may share their stories with the class. Do any stories say anything about being from Louisiana?



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