Unit III Lesson 2

Rubric for Research Papers


Title of Research Paper:_________________________________________________________

Performance Element Distinguished
____ Points
____ Points
____ Points
____ Points
Possible Score
Purpose and Focus
  • Establishes and maintains clear focus; evidence of distinctive voice and/or appropriate tone
  • Focused on a purpose; evidence of voice and/or suitable tone
  • An attempt to establish and maintain purpose and communicate with the audience
  • Limited awareness of audience and/or purpose
Development of Ideas
  • Depth and complexity of ideas supported by rich, engaging, pertinent details; evidence of analysis, reflection, and insight
  • Depth of idea development supported by elaborated, relevant details
  • Unelaborated idea development; unelaborated and/or repetitious details
  • Minimal idea development, limited and/or unrelated details
  • Use of references indicates substantial research
  • Use of references indicates ample research
  • Some references
  • Few references
  • Careful and/or suitable organization
  • Logical organization
  • Lapses in focus and/or coherence
  • Random or weak organization
Sentence Structure
  • Variety of sentence structure and length
  • Controlled and varied sentence structure
  • Simplistic and/or awkward sentence structure
  • Incorrect or lack of topic and/or ineffective wording and/or sentence structure
  • Precise and/or rich language
  • Acceptable, effective language
  • Simplistic and/or imprecise language
  • Incorrect and/or ineffective wording and/or sentence structure
Grammar and Formatting
  • Control of surface features
  • Few errors in grammar or format relative to length and complexity
  • Some errors in grammar and/or format that do not interfere with communication
  • Errors in grammar and format (e.g., spelling, punctuation, capitalization, headings)

Total Points

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