Unit III Lesson 2
Unit IV Lessons 1 & 3

Rubric for Portfolios



Performance Indicators Possible Points Actual Score
Well documented and organized; format is accurate, complete and easy to follow; excellent, well thought-out portfolio shows superior effort. 10  
Fairly well documented and organized; format is mostly accurate, complete and/or easy to follow; good, quality portfolio shows excellent effort. 8  
Portions may be poorly or inaccurately documented and/or organized; may not be complete and may be hard to follow; average, adequate portfolio shows good effort. 6  
Unorganized, poorly documented, large parts are incomplete and/or inaccurate; difficult to follow; poor quality shows poor effort. 4  
Project incomplete, incorrect, and/or inadequate; work shows little or no effort. 2  
Portfolio not submitted. 0  

from http://sun.kent.wednet.edu/KSD/KR/ScienceDept/subjects/physicspages/port.rubric.html.


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